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5 Podcasts I’d Highly Recommend Checking Out

5 Podcasts I’d Highly Recommend Checking Out

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This photo was taken when Don and I sat down with Paul Isakson for his Dreamcast interview


When we started the COCO Dreamcast I had no idea podcasts would become so popular again, needless to say, we can all agree they have had somewhat of a renaissance recently. I also couldn’t have predicted how much fun it would be producing one. Don and I have had the pleasure of sitting down with members, alumni and friends of COCO. Each with a unique perspective and an inspiring yet authentic story they were willing to share. These are some of Minnesota’s most talented creatives helping to redefine “The North” as an entrepreneurial community worth paying attention to.

These are a few of my favorite episodes so far:

Episode 15:
Mynul Khan on thinking big while staying focused.

Episode 3:
Clay Collins on getting started, overcoming doubt and finding the right product market fit.

Episode 14:
Paul Isakson on the importance of purpose when building a brand.

Episode 13:
Davis Senseman on being true to yourself and challenging the status quo.

Episode 10:
Chris Farrell on how baby boomers are changing the way we think about work.

Episode 9:
Jenna Pederson on being a woman in tech.

Episode 8:
Josh Becerra on enjoying the entrepreneurial journey while managing multiple startups.

Beyond the COCO Dreamcast, these are five podcasts I’ve been listening to for the past few months and find both entertaining and informative. Another thing I really like about each of these is the additional reference material they provide on their websites with each episode. In no particular order here they are:

Recommended Podcasts


Website: This is Criminal
Recommended Episode: EPISODE 22: EX LIBRIS


Death, Sex and Money

Website:  Death, Sex and Money 
Recommended Episode: How to Be a Man With Bill Withers



Website:  Gimlet Media / Startup
Recommended Episode: Save the Date


Tim Ferriss Show

Website:  Tim Ferriss Show
Recommended Episode: An interview with Glen Beck



Website:  Longform
Recommended Episode: Longform Podcast #136: Anna Sale

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