Creating Field Notes: The bi-monthly newsletter I wanted to read - Garrio Harrison

Creating Field Notes: The bi-monthly newsletter I wanted to read

Creating Field Notes: The bi-monthly newsletter I wanted to read

Some of my best ideas come from conversations. I can’t think of a more efficient way of getting to a new way of thinking than debating ideas, sharing new insights and perspectives from interesting research and books, and discussing new tools and products. Some of which have little to do with marketing or business.

As my thinking on any number of topics evolve, I’ve realized that I’ve been sharing ideas between people in different social circles, and they do the same with me, which leads to the refining of ideas and momentum in getting them out into the world.

I also find interesting information in newsletters from individuals who share their perspective on the headlines of the day like M.G. Siegler’s 500ish words, or those who write about products and life-hacks worth discussing, like The Journal by Kevin Rose. I’ve found having these opinions delivered to my inbox valuable. Problem is there are too many to get through.

That’s what led me to start Field Notes, a semi-monthly email digest for friends and fellow enthusiasts of technology, the human side of startups, productivity, and the business of life. I’ll also share new ideas I’ve been wrestling with that are worth discussing. My intention here is to start more of those idea-generating conversations.

The newsletter will be organized into three sections:

  • Thinking About
  • Recommendations
  • Worth Sharing

Thinking About:

These are concepts I’m currently formulating ideas around. For example, when I lived in the advertising world, I wrote an essay about why you won’t find me at networking events for the sake of networking. Currently, I’m thinking about the next phase of social networks’ impact on how we interact with each other, and by extension, how we work together.


These will be anything from a new app I’ve been using to a new productivity hack I’ve discovered, like my recent obsession with bullet journaling, to books I’ve read or a podcast episode I’ve found particularly insightful.

Worth Sharing:

Sometimes ideas don’t fit neatly into one of the other buckets, and they’ll go here. An example would be news about the new Code2040(5) program we have at COCO, an intentional approach to encouraging diversity in tech.

As an entrepreneur and adviser to startups, I’ve seen firsthand the ups and downs we face in pursuit of our passions and motivations, and I’ve formed the opinion that there is no such thing as work/life balance, there is just life.

To that end, I’m challenging myself to go beyond the usual “here is an article on X” for the sake of pushing content. Instead, I’ll focus on the tools, tactics, and perspectives I find useful to navigate challenges and optimize the middle of the journey — the space between the optimistic beginning of projects to the triumphant end of any pursuit.

You can sign up here

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