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A Tool For Blogging And Organizing Ideas

A Tool For Blogging And Organizing Ideas

I never really had a burning desire to blog, mainly because I find visual mediums more actionable. They help to both inspire action and make explaining things to others conversational. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. I have however found writing a great way to sharpen my own thinking, organize my thoughts and explain my ideas. I can’t take credit for this realization though, I actually came across the idea in an interview Tim Ferriss did with Chase Jarvis. Since deciding to give it a shot I’ve found the process beneficial both personally and professionally, but have always just used DayOne to do so.

In an effort to broaden my horizon and get a little further out of my comfort zone I’ve been looking for an efficient writing process that would work seamlessly with my existing workflow. Most solutions I tried involved Google Drive and Evernote but would require altering existing processes I’ve had in place for years with each of those products. When I asked bloggers and writers I knew about the tools they used, Scrivener and Omnioutliner both came highly recommended but felt like overkill for my intended purposes.

A couple weeks ago I came across Writer Pro and have been giving it a shot. It works perfectly. I’ll still use Evernote for research and Drive for collaboration but when it comes to putting my own thoughts down on “paper” I’m finding Writer Pro works best for me.

Here are two other related resources I found extremely useful: The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post and The Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research.

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